NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 22 Season 3: Neighborhood Watch

Kensi and Deeks go house sitting in the suburbs to flush out a Russian sleeper cell.

Episode Recap:

The episode begins with Deeks waking up and finds that Kensi isn't in bed. He goes out and Kensi arrives after her jog. Just then we see that someone is taking photos of them from a car. Next, Callen and Sam are doing a bit of virtual sparring and Hetty calls for them. Deeks and Kensi are posing as a married couple to check into a Russian sleeper agent in a suburban neighborhood. Their focus is on Floyd Hobbs, Serena Miller, the Felton kids and Jane Felton, their mother, Bob and Rob and then finally Bret Turner and his fiancé Paulina Graffetta. They are still not able to find the Russian businessman Michael Kroyov, who is the only solid link to the sleeper agent. Unfortunately Kroyov vanished before he could give the sleeper agent's name; but Nell has footage of him at an ATM ten days ago. Hetty tells the team that Kroyov's claim about the sleeper cell has been taken very seriously by the DoD. Hetty summones Kensi and Deeks to have "the talk".

Why do I feel like we've been called into the principal's office?

Hetty tells them that they should not give into their emotions just because they are forced to live together. Both of them pretend to find that thought funny. Just then Eric interrupts their conversation and shows the three of them a recent footage they found of Kroyov. In the footage, Kroyov is in a hotel and he enters the elevator. A man who is already in the elevator is about to get out. He taps Kroyov's shoulder, a friendly gesture. Moments later Kroyov collapses on the floor and dies. Now, the only connection to the sleeper agent is dead.

Honey, I'm home.

Kensi is preparing snicker doodles for the old man in 504 when Deeks arrives.

Martha Stewart my ass!

Kensi goes to give the Cookies to Mr Hobbs. Next, Callen and Sam go to Callen's old friend, Arkady and shows him Michael's photo. But he doesn't recognize him. They then show him the photographs of the people from the neighborhood. He says that Jane Felton resembled his ex-wife. On their way out, Sam thinks that he actually reacted on seeing Serena Miller's picture. Callen calls up Eric and asks him to pull up every detail about Jane Felton and Serena Miller. Meanwhile, Kensi arrives at Hobbs' house. She introduces herself and tells him that she is house sitting for her uncle. But he doesn't open the door. She checks his mails and leaves the cookies on his doorstep. Next, Nell and Eric inform Callen and Sam about the poison that was used to kill Kroyov. Also, they tell the duo that there is nothing much about Jane Felton and Serena Miller works in a bank. Sam thinks that access to personal information is the best place for a sleeper agent.

What is my bra doing in your sock drawer?

Eric informs Deeks that Serena Miller is on a vacation in Florida, according to her boss. But Kensi says that she saw Serena Miller drive down in her BMW. So, one of them is lying. Next, Kensi knocks at Miller's door and Deeks is keeping a watch outside. But Miller doesn't open the door. So, Kensi uses a lock pick and unlocks the door and enters inside. But inside the house, Miller welcomes Kensi with a gun drawn at her. But Kensi tackles her to the ground and Deeks comes in. Miller tells her that her real name is Nadia Borsov. She tells them that she has nothing to do with Kroyov's murder. She tells them that her handler thought that Kroyov was a traitor. She tells them that if they want any more information, she needs protection. Kensi decides to drive with Serena and she sends Deeks to run interference. Deeks meets Bob and they have a small chat.

I've seen you around the neighborhood with that brunette with the legs that don't quit. Sister? Friend?

Meanwhile, Miller gets her car door to get into the driver's seat, when there is a small prick and she begins to have some sort of a seizure. Kensi informs Deeks. She is breathing her last and she tells Kensi that her handler is Alex Vaznev and he is in the neighborhgood. She passes away. At the office, Nell tells Callen and Sam that there is no record of Alex Vaznev living in the neighborhood. Sam thinks that he would be using an alias. Callen suggests that it could also be a woman. Callen asks as to what they would do with Miller's body. Hetty tells them that they can do nothing for the poor woman as it could blow their cover. She tells Callen and Sam to find out why Arkady lied to them.

Meanwhile, Deeks and Kensi are having a chat, when someone breaks their window. First it seems like an attack and the two draw their guns, but it is one of the Felton kids. He gets scared when he sees the gun and runs. Next, Callen and Sam go to Arkady's house and find the guard lying dead on the stairs. They then see that two men are trying to drown Arkady in his pool. They shoot them down. Arkady tells them that Miller's father was a friend and that she wanted out. So he tried to help and he thinks that her handler must have found out. He doesn't know who her handler is. He says that the two men lying dead in front of them worked for Miller's handler. Meanwhile, the neighborhood finds Miller's body. Kensi sees Hobbs and tries to go to talk to him. Just then Jane accuses Deeks for scaring her son. But they tell the mother how her son shattered their glass with his sling shot. By the time this is resolved, Kensi loses Hobbs again. At the lab, Eric and Nell tell the duo that they two men they shot earlier were connected to the Russian mob, but no connection with Kroyov or Miller. Meanwhile, Deeks is jogging in the neighborhood, picking up Wi-Fi signals. He meets Bob and Rob and they plan on meeting for dinner sometime. He returns home and finds that the music system is in it's full blast. Just then he finds bloody prints on the floor. But it turns out that Kensi is having a bath and she had cut her foot on a piece of glass.

What am I doing? What are you doing? You got techno blaring, there's blood running through the entire house. It's like an episode of Dexter in here.

Meanwhile, Callen and Sam are in one of the dead men's house. They find a lot of ammunition, fake passports and money. Next, Deeks and Kensi are visiting Paulina and Brett for dinner. Kensi tells Deeks that she is not able to get a read on them. She points out that Paulina is trying to flirt with Deeks because she thinks that they are trying to throw them off. They snoop around a bit when Brett and Paulina go to get some wine. Meanwhile, at the house, Sam finds the camera that has Deeks' and Kensi's pictures in it. They have been made. Brett and Paulina are giving the two the grand tour of their house. Deeks receives the message from Callen. They draw their guns. But they find out that the surprise that awaits them was a kinky set up by the couple, a sex dungeon. Kensi and Deeks leave. On their way back, two people fire at them. It is Rob and Bob. Kensi and Deeks hide behind a car. Just then Hobbs opens his door and lets them in. But Rob and Bob enter through the kitchen door. But the helpful Hobbs turns out to be Alex, Miller's handler. Kensi gets her shot at Bob and Rob and Deeks furry-cuffs Hobbs/Alex. At the office, they discuss about Alex and then leave for the day. But it is not over for Deeks. Hetty has few questions for him about the furry handcuffs.
Credit: Adaptation from Tv Rage

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